Live Life to The Fullest

✝ Jenny Vieira. 14. Maine. Teen Wolf. The Hunger Games. Animals. Nature. Camping. ✝

I remember the night you told me that what you love the most is my hair. I remember I couldnt stop smiling, I remember moving my head to look at my hair, sprawled out on my pillow like my body was sprawled out on my bed. I remember that feeling of actauly liking something about me. And that was because of you. But your gone now. And its as if my hair is too. Every time I look at myself I hear you telling me that you love my hair. I can hardly even look at a part of me without thinking of you. Everywhere I go, its you. Its you you you. Everything I do seems to make me think of you. When I brush my hair its like taking pieces of you out of my life, and the more I brush my hair the more you fade away. You get further and further away. Eventually you’ll just be gone. Its so hard going anywhere when your always with me. I look at my hair and I think of you. It hurts, it hurts so much. I look at you and I just crumble. I didn’t get what I wanted… What I wanted was you.